Florida PPO Dental Insurance

Florida PPO Dental Plans

PPO dental plans are the most frequently asked for plans. This is due to the fact that most dentists that take any dental insurance at all, will accept a PPO dental plan. Even a dentist that does not accept insurance will file the claim for you.

PPO Dental Plan Information and Direct Online Enrollment

An Adobe PDF of the PPO Dental Plan Coverage You Can Download

This is the best Florida PPO dental plan we have ever come across. It has a superb network and the shortest waiting times of all the plans we have available. We do have other types of plans that are less expensive so please call us to explore other options.

Call us at 800-272-0512

How This Florida PPO Dental Insurance Plan Works

The plan is very simple. It will cover 100% of your preventative dental expenses (as outlined in the plan documents) with no deductible and no waiting period.

The nice thing about this plan (one of many) is that the money they pay out for things like cleanings, checkups, etc. do not count towards the annual maximum allowance.

Most PPO dental plans make you wait 6 months to a year before they cover anything other than a cleaning. This plan has no wait for most procedures like fillings, root canals and many others.

There is a 6 month wait, which is the shortest of any plan I have, for crowns and dentures.

The plan will pay out a maximum of $1,000 per person per year. Again, this is on top of preventative work. Putting it another way, if you have $2,000 worth of basic and major work, the plan will pay 50% or $1,000 towards it. Keep in mind that you are being charged the discounted network rate when you utilize a network dentist.

Florida PPO Dental Plan Network

The network is very large and national in scope. If you use a network provider, you will get the deep PPO discounts for all covered services.

If you are out of network, the plan will still pay out Usual and Customary charges, and this is the important part - in the 90th percentile. That means it will pay out what 90% of all dentists in your area charge for the covered work. Most plans pay out in the 50th percentile.

Use this Florida PPO Dental Network link (CLICK ON IT) to check for your dentist or find a dentist near you. When they ask for the network, select Concordia Advantage Plus.

How to Apply

I can enroll you over the phone or you can do it online. It only takes about 5 minutes.

Call me at 800-272-0512

They will except credit card or direct draft from a checking account.

Enrolment Processing Fee - $33.00 One-time Fee 

$39.95 per Month for Member 
$69.95 per Month for Member plus One (Spouse or Child) 
$109.95 per Month for Member plus Family 

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