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Florida health insurance does not have to be expensive. To keep premiums down, you need to have access to multiple quotes. We are one of the largest online health insurance agencies and represent most "A" rated health plans in the state. You get quotes from multiple companies with one phone call.

This web page has a ton of important information. We realize that not all of you will want to read through it. If that's the case, you can give us a call (800-272-0512) with your questions or to receive a fast quote.

But, if you have a little time, scroll through the page and look at the articles that are of interest to you. They are all very short. Bookmark the page so you can come back to it later. There is always something new.

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The Basics

Finding Affordable Health Insurance

Like everyone else, you want to get the most coverage for the lowest premium. However, getting a quote for health insurance is not as straightforward as we would like. This brief article will show you how to compare plans and what questions you should be asking the agent. If you are interested in how the new healthcare legislation will affect your health insurance, then read the article entitled How the Healthcare Act will Affect Health Insurance.

Child Only Health Insurance

Health plans for children without a parent on the plan is available for children from the age of 30 days to 18 years of age. These are full major medical plans and a parent does not have to be on the plan. For detail on how you can obtain child only health insurance use this link. Or, visit a web site dedicated to health insurance for children

Florida maternity insuranceFlorida Maternity Plans

If you need to have a plan with maternity coverage we might be able to help you. We also have supplemental plans that might end up being less expensive than adding a pricey maternity rider. A few minutes reading our maternity insurance page will clear things up for you and answer the questions I know you have.

But, if you want a traditional health insurance plan with a maternity rider, we might be able to help you with that as well. Keep in mind that there will be waiting periods. If you are already pregnant, we wish you the best of luck but cannot insure you until after the delivery.

Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

Health insurance is medically underwritten and not everyone will qualify. We do have indemnity style health plans that do not have any health questions at all. If you would like an overview of these plans and links to get more complete information, I suggest you visit our guaranteed health insurance plan page for information.

Coverage for Non-Citizens

If you have been in the United States for at least 6 months, have a social security card, under the age of 65 and are generally in good health, I can offer you a regular health insurance plan. You do not need anything special.

Otherwise, we will need to use an international health insurance plan or temporary health insurance.

Florida dental plansDental Insurance

We have a PPO dental plan that covers most procedures without any waiting period. the national PPO network is very large and you can go to any dentist you want. We have been waiting a long time for a plan like this. Click here to look at our Florida PPO Dental Insurance Plan details and quotes.

You can also get a hybrid plan that pays out money directly to you or your dentist but includes a PPO network. Use any dentist you want. PPO Dental plan hybrid - Online Site with Information and Signup

We also have other types of dental plans. Some plans are as little as $15 a month for an entire family. You can call me for details or go to a more comprehensive site that shows both dental insurance and dental plans.

Coverage for Preexisting Conditions

What about pre-existing conditions? Want to know whether they will be covered or not? We have a plan that will not place any riders on your preexisting conditions provided you are accepted by the carrier. Learn more about coverage for your preexisting conditions with this link.

prescription insurancePrescription Insurance

For one reason or another, a lot of people are looking for a plan that only covers their prescriptions.Do such plans really exist? Will you be able to buy a plan that will actually pay for your expensive prescriptions. I suggest you take a few minutes and look at our informative article on prescription insurance plans.

Florida Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is more expensive than private health insurance. You can get groups of 1, 2 or 3 employees directly from the carrier. We do offer group health insurance plans for groups of four or more full time employees. Our rates for group health insurance are the lowest in the state.

Everyone is looking to save money on their group health insurance. We can do a lot more than just give you the same quote you can get from everybody else. If you would like more information on group health insurance, use this link.

Florida HSA PlansFlorida HSA - Health Savings Accounts

HSA (Health Savings Accounts) are tax advantaged health insurance plans that are available to everyone. You do not have to be self-employed. You can end up with a tax write off that almost pays your insurance premiums.

While the plan can help anyone lower their premiums, it seems to work best for those individuals and families that are willing to contribute to their savings plan each year. The higher your tax bracket, the more appealing this type of plan becomes.

If you are paying a lot of money for a family plan and everyone in the family is reasonably healthy, the Florida HSA plans will save you a lot of money each year. I will be glad to explain the details.

To learn more about HSA plans available to Florida residents, please click on this link.

Temporary Health Insurance

This plan has no networks - use any doctor and any hospital. Low cost with deductibles as low as $250. The underwriting is very simple and they will issue the plans the very next day. You can even download your policy and ID card.

Temporary health insurance is a full major medical plan with up to $2 million dollars of coverage. You can hold it for up to 12 months before you have to reapply. But you can discontinue it any time you want.

We compared the rates with all of the other temporary health insurance plan and this one is the cheapest.

Florida temporary health insurance quote and online application - click here

travel insuranceTravel Insurance

Travel insurance will cover a citizen or non-citizen when they travel from their home country to a destination abroad.

You can get a plan for week long cruise or an extended stay. Some are full health insurance plans with PPO networks and others are designed for the vacation traveler.

International students will also find these plans perfect as they generally meet or exceed the health insurance requirements of most universities.

We have a lot of different plans from a number of major companies. I suggest you have a look at our travel insurance page and use the links you find there to get a closer look and quotes for the plans.

Florida Health Insurance True/False Quiz: Answer All Questions True or False

Take your best guess and then click on the answers. You might be very surprised with the answers of some of these questions.

1. If you have had health insurance without a break in coverage, all of your pre-existing conditions will be covered.

2. Group health insurance is the cheapest way to get coverage?

3. High deductible plans are almost always better values than low deductibles?

4. Maternity coverage is available on most health insurance plans?

5 .All health insurance plans sold in Florida are all controlled by the state of Florida?

6. Healthy individuals really do not need medical coverage?

7. Buying health insurance directly from the insurance company will save me money?

8. Health Savings Account plans (HSA) are for everyone and not just businesses and rich people?

9. Online internet quotes will help you find a plan at the best price? 

10 Hospitals have to take care of me even if I do not have insurance?

True/False Quiz Answers, click here now.

Articles on Florida Health Insurance You Should Read

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What are Guaranteed Issue Plans? - If you cannot obtain health insurance due to your medical history, this article will explain what a guaranteed issue plan is and how it might make it possible for you to have some health insurance coverage in Florida. Remember, these are limited benefit plans. There are no guaranteed issue major medical plans with the exception of group health insurance.
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Finding cheap Florida health insurance - Using a low cost hospital supplement plan will permit you to take a higher deductible plan and lower your premiums. The supplement will first dollar expenses on a hospital admission. The combination will give you better coverage at lower costs.

NEW - For as little as $25 a month, an entire family can get a lump sum payout cancer plan that will pay $50,000 upon diagnosis. Cancer Insurance is a very low cost way to extend your health insurance and also give disability-like benefits to those of you who do not have disability insurance. It will supplement your major medical, limited benefit plan or group medical at work..

Major medical covers cancer. But, it does not pay you for lost wages, additional expenses of travel, hotels, child care etc. Major medical will not pay for anything that is not a mainstream treatment. It is the leading edge and experimental procedures that could save you life. Can you afford them? Do you have a year's salary saved for an emergency? Get a cancer plan. It is cheap protection.

Health insurance with no medical questions - what are your options if you are declined?
Florida medical plans for groups of one are only available in August. However, you may not require this expensive form of health insurance. Florida group of one medical plans.
Health insurance claim problems and how to avoid them - If the movie SICKO made you SICK, you need to read this brief article. It will explain how to be sure your claims are never declined.
What happens if I do not have a health insurance plan? Will I be cared for in an emergency? Read about EMTLA and your rights under this act.

Health Insurance For Diabetics - If you are a type 2 diabetic and are well controlled with oral medication, you might be eligible for a full major medical plan.

If you are an insulin diabetic and/or have other health issues, we still have plans that you can obtain.

Getting quotes for health insurance plans online is not the best way to go. You will not get quotes for every company and have a high probability of not getting the coverage you think you are purchasing. Take 5 minutes to call and speak to me personally. You will get a custom health insurance quote, I will explain the benefits to you until you understand them and.you will end up paying less than if you try to do it on your own. Plus, you will have a personal agent who will shop for the "cheapest" plan for you at each renewal.

Health Insurance Underwriting - This is an ongoing series of articles about obtaining a health insurance plan for individuals with specific pre-existing conditions.

Part 1 - Health insurance coverage and cancer - requirements for cancer survivors

Part 2 - Health insurance and your weight - what are the height/weight guidelines

Part 3 - Health insurance and colitis - obtaining health insurance with ulcerative colitis

Direct Health Insurance Quotes

If you submit our online health insurance quote request form, we call you within 24 hours or less. This is the best way to shop for individual health insurance. I cannot send you a blind quote without speaking to you. It just does not work out to your advantage. You will have no idea what you are looking at and I cannot shop around to get you the best price.

You cannot get lower prices by calling the health insurance carrier. It does not work that way, so you might as well get some service and quotes from all the major companies in one phone call.

For faster service, forget the email and call me between 9 AM and 8 PM Monday - Thursday and until 6 PM on Friday. If I do not pick up, leave a message. I will call you back - I promise.

If you leave a message, please talk slowly and clearly. Make sure I have enough time to write down your name and number. If I can call you in the evening or on weekends let me know.

I will give you quotes from all the major Florida health insurance carriers, expert advice and someone who will be there when there is a problem. This is not a boiler room with a new agent every time you call. Dealing with an honest salesperson is an entirely new experience for many of you, so be prepared.

Call now at 1-800-272-0512 for immediate quotes (9 AM to 9 PM weekdays)

Save Thousands on your Health Insurance

We just updated the Florida Health Insurance Guide again. Have a look.

Free "Consumers Guide to Buying Florida Health Insurance" shows you all the tricks of the trade. Spend a few minutes reading this informative guide and save year after year on your individual health insurance.

Health insurance buying secrets - Read now

*****You can now call on the weekends from 10 AM to 3 PM*****

Cheap Health Insurance

Do you want a cheap health insurance plan? Of course you do. You shop around the Internet to find the lowest prices. Then when you file a claim you find out why the insurance was cheaper than anything else. The coverage you thought was there is absent. So many of you learn the hard way.

Here is a good rule of thumb. If the plan offers daily limits on hospital stay on room/board, puts a cap on surgeon's fees, or, if an agent whips out a slick, glossy brochure and wants to charge you $100+ to sign up for the plan - put your check book away and throw the bum out. Now, wasn't that simple? By the way, if you already bought one of these plans, go right now and get your policy and read it. You will be unpleasantly surprised. Then give me a call.

Florida HMO plans provide comprehensive health care for a single low co-pay. They are available in Dade, Broward and Palm Beach

If you like your primary care physician (PCP) and the practice treats you well, these plans can provide complete health care with very little out-of-pocket expense. The PCP is the key.

HMO plans provide complete maternity coverage with an optional rider.

If you would like a brochure, application and price sheet give me a call - 800-272-0512.

Florida HMO plans - click here

More on Health Insurance in Florida

My Florida health insurance premiums are going up and up. I am totally disgusted with the companies and the lack of affordable health insurance. My congressional representative have almost free health insurance and will never, ever have to use "public plan".

Everybody asks me the same question: Which is the best individual health insurance plan in Florida? You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? The fact of the matter is, I am not in love with any health plan or company. You have a few companies that are complete garbage and the rest are mediocre at best. I will be more than happy to tell you which ones are worthless. I just do not have the legal fund to put it on the Internet.

I try to sell what I believe to be the best health insurance plans available. These plans will pay your claims without taking your guts out. I try to offer plans that will have the lowest rate increases and reasonable financial stability. I look for quality networks and responsive customer service. I do my best.

But, if you do not want to end up as a trailer in a Michael Moore movie you must do your part as well. That means filling out your applications completely, clearly and honestly. If you don't it will come back to bite you on your a$$.

If you call me, I am also going to tell you a lot of things that you don't want to hear. Sometimes, people go on to the next agent thinking that I cannot possibly be correct. They often fall prey to the discount card scam artists and the "let me come to your house and get your check and signature agents". I hope they at least buy you dinner before they er, well you know what I mean.

Why don't you just give me a call at 1-800-272-0512. Although, I am almost totally devoid of all social skills, I am very patient and informative. I have a lot of different companies and will find you the best plan for the least cost.

By the way, if you want to see my plan for universal healthcare, click here.

How to fail a paramedical exam

In Florida, all private major medical health insurance is medically underwritten and some companies will send out a paramedic to do an exam. If they do a blood test, it is supposed to be a fasting test. However, they often forget to tell you that. So, you manage to eat a big breakfast and a few chocolate bars before they show up. Guess what? The blood tests are inaccurate and they think you have high cholesterol and diabetes. Now you are really screwed.

You won't die of starvation if you miss a meal. If the paramedic was supposed to show up at 10 AM and they ring the bell at 2 PM, send them away if you just had lunch. Hide, don't answer the door. You will spend the next 6 months trying to convince the insurance carrier that you are really healthy.

Health Insurance Facts

These quick tips are not a substitute for our Health Insurance Buyer Guide, but you should find them helpful

1. Health insurance rates are approved by the Florida's Department of Financial Services. There is no such thing as bargaining. The rates are fixed. If ABC Insurance says the plan is $200 a month, all 10,000 agents who carry the plan will charge $200 a month. It is not like buying a car. When someone tells me they are shopping around, I think to myself "Boy, this guy ever going get screwed.".

2. Understand your coverage before you send in the check. If the plan has limitations on benefits, you need to know it in advance. Half the people I talk to don't know who their plan is with, their wife's or kids birthdays or if they ever had a serious illness. Then again, the 70's are a complete blur.

3. Health insurance plans that have limits on days in hospital, daily hospital reimbursements limits, number of doctor visits per quarter or year, or per illness dollar limitations are not recommended. If someone is pushing a plan like this on you - TASER them bro.

4. Low deductible health insurance plans make insurance companies rich. They are not cost effective. I would rather have a high deductible plan and be able to afford some disability insurance and have adequate life insurance (or maybe take a vacation) then load up on low deductible health insurance.

5. Don't let anyone feed you bull about regular, usual and customary. If you are in a PPO and you go to a hospital that is part of the PPO network, you are automatically billed the pre-negotiated rate. There will be no surprises as the costs are negotiated in advance. This is how most health insurance plans in Florida are sold.

6. Florida has a healthy kids program if you meet income requirements.

7. In Florida you will find that health insurance plans are not guaranteed issue. If you have preexisting conditions they might refuse coverage. Make sure you discuss these concerns with your agent. If an agent ever hints that you should conceal something, get rid of the agent pronto. You are committing a crime (felony in Florida) and you will find yourself without coverage. We do have guaranteed issue plans available.

8. Florida health insurance plans do not always pay for preexisting conditions. If you have a medical condition that requires a prescription, regular medical care or have been told that you will require surgery in the future, it might not be covered. No, there are no laws that will force them to cover it. I don't care what your neighbor, friend or brother-in-law told you.

9. If you have a PPO plan you are entitled to the discounted PPO rate for services. So a doctor visit might still only cost $35 or $40 instead of $75, and a lab fee $15 instead of $60. Learn how to take advantage of PPO discounts. It will save you a fortune. Ask me and I will explain it to you. You cannot make an intelligent decision about your coverage levels unless you understand this information.

10. Ask me about an HSA plan. You use pretax money to pay for medical expenses. These can be exceptional deals under the right circumstances.

11. The Internet can be useful when shopping for Florida health insurance. After all, you found me didn't you? Unfortunately, most of the people you will contact on the Internet will not be licensed agents. They will be national marketing companies that will sell your name and phone number or e-mail addresses to the highest bidder for insurance leads that week.

If the form asks you what state you are in or wants your home address, do not complete it. It is in all probability a marketing company and not an insurance agency - beware.

Want to save money on your health insurance? Of course you do. Give me a call, I am not as crazy as I sound and I promise I will only take a few minutes of your time. You can hang up anytime you want - although it would unbelievably rude. Give me a call or a number where you can be reached. If you leave a message, give me a break, I don't take shorthand. Some people sound like they are on speed when they leave a number.

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